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Transform Post Traumatic Stress Into Post Traumatic Growth

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If you’re here, chances are - like most humans - you’ve experienced some degree of early trauma. Few escape childhood unscathed, and how we deal with the aftermath of those early adverse experiences is key to either thriving in life or just plain surviving.

As a trauma survivor-turned-thriver myself, the effects of childhood emotional, psychological, and spiritual abuse and neglect spilled far into my own adulthood. Over the years I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression, PMDD, OCD, ADHD, eating disorder  and, finally, Complex PTSD – which explained a lot!

Determined to heal and leaving no stone unturned, I embarked on a journey of growth and recovery - eventually going from barely surviving to truly thriving within a joyful, courageous, and creative life. I found my way back to my authentic self and, in the process, discovered healing modalities to help others do the same, only in much less time.

Lived experiences and decades of gathered information allow me to curate a therapeutic approach from a wide variety of techniques. My belief in the importance of addressing trauma-response triggers from all angles means I provide a customized menu of tools that are meaningful and useful to each individual client. My goal is to help you break free of old patterns in a way that works for YOU and that translates to your greater enjoyment of life.

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Peace and Love,

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When I find myself in need of advice and equilibrium or an objective, constructive and shifting perspective, I call Meesh. It still surprises me how she always seems to get to the point quickly, allowing me to shift out of whatever loop I may have been stuck in, and provides the relief I have been seeking, through holding a safe space for the inner work to happen. Her references, materials, resources and experiences are authentic, unique, and a result of her own journey. It is Meesh’s truth and authenticity that has always resonated with me, providing a safe space in which to be vulnerable, so that I can move through whatever is causing me dis-ease. It is a lot to expect the promise of “shifting,” from disequilibrium to equilibrium in a single phone call, but it has been my experience with Meesh. Knowing her as a friend and coach has been one of the greatest joys of my own journey on this planet. Being a coach myself, whenever this Coach needs a Coach, I call Meesh.

David C. – San Francisco, CA

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